Grace For Today: Because the Best News is that You Are Not Enough, But God IS

I woke up this morning with a blog post simmering in my brain. I dragged my body out of bed and walked into the darkness of my living room, grabbed my laptop and started typing about the necessity of focusing on truth when the trend of culture has been to tell ourselves our own personal “truths”- “truths” born of inexperience and an incomplete knowledge of our own hearts.

I will edit that post someday. Probably publish it because I think it needs to be said. But not today. Today is simple. Today is strictly encouragement.

You are a hot mess. You are broken. You are limited. (You are also welcome for this suuuuper encouraging paragraph.)

You are a mess, but your mess is not too much for God. He knew you were a mess long before you even knew it. And He called you anyway. He adopted you as His daughter, His son. You are His and He knows your name. He sees your smudges, your stains and He loves you.

You are broken, and He reaches into your brokenness and creates beauty.

  • The weeds in your flowerbed
  • The scratches on your car.
  • The cobwebs
  • The dust
  • The clutter
  • The aching joints
  • The tears
  • The painful marriage
  • The splintering relationship

The laundry, dishes, careless words, cracking boards, extra chin, dog hair, cat hair, human hair. He sees you striving to maintain and thrive in a world careening toward its own destruction, and He offers peace. Peace that comes only only from Him- the One who mends broken hearts and broken lives, the One who redeems all this disaster and offers hope for the future.

He sees and whispers relentlessly, Look at the cross. Look at my Son. Look at what I created for you. See beyond the pinching nerves and the bruised ego. You are more than the state of your house and the opinion of your neighbor. You are more than your failures and faults. Why strive for that which will not satisfy when I am even now giving you a beautiful life full of grace? I know you cannot see it now, but I am working all things for your good because You are my child. You are mine. I will never leave you. I will never turn my back on you. I will never forget you. You are my masterpiece, my work of art. I didn’t send my Son to turn you into a superhuman being who does it all right. I sent my Son to restore you to Me. Only in Me will you find the love and joy and peace you crave.

You are limited, but that is a good thing. Praise God that He gives us each day to remember that He loves us and that we are not qualified to have His job. Cars are limited by gas and electricity. Oceans are limited by shores. It is not lack of worth that makes you limited- it is the way you were designed. Being limited keeps us dependent on Him.

Being limited compels me to pray: Lord, may I never be so self-sufficient and independent that I forget how desperately I need You. There is no self-help that is equal to Your help. There is no earthly wisdom that even approaches Your truth. There is no love that compares with Your love. Thank you for choosing the canvas of my limitations on which to paint Your love. Thank you for displaying Your awesome power most evidently in my weakness.

So you, beloved one in Christ, my brother, my sister, may grace abound in you today. God give you the strength to laugh, to find joy, to be grateful. May God fill you with His Spirit and give you His peace.

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  1. Karen Krusen says:

    I love this Lauren

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