Hi all, I’m Lauren.

I have this feeling that I’m not really all that slick. In fact, I don’t always fake it well either. So in the midst of the mess that is raising 4 kids and being wife to an incredible pastor, I come here and offer what I have- my humble observations- in hopes that we can find some common ground in the love of God.

Life is messy, and broken, and hard. It’s also beautiful, and God-filled. So when I take things in and digest them, then spew them out here, I have to calibrate everything based on what I know of God given to me in His own Word. I have to peer into these days through the filter of Christ or things just make no sense and life is just annoying at best, depressing at worst.

So to keep us all in a peaceful mentality, I look for perspective from Him- something I have had to practice a lot over the years, and now I rely on it in my roles as a stay-at-home mom, wife, writer, substitute teacher, photographer and musician. Anywhere God puts us is where He meets us. Isn’t that amazing? I can’t wait to share this space with you.

Anyway, that’s me. Who are you?