Kids These Days {Good News for Our Childlike Souls}

My kids wrestle. With each other, with friends, with Dad, with stuff. There’s a part of me that remembers those conversations with their young selves and grins.

Keep your diaper on. Don’t throw that. Eat your food. Spit it out. Arms up. Pick it up. Wipe. Wash your hands. Get in. Get out. No. No. No.

Nearly every move directed by my omniscient hand. The wrestling simply My Will versus Theirs.

Now their wrestling sounds more like, “I just don’t think I’m good enough.” Not for a team, not for a performance… for God.

And just like that, the faith of a child receives blows from a ruthless enemy that breathes out the lie that this small human will never measure up to what God expects. It snakes its way through the words of grace and comfort we speak and condemns the kid.

Good enough is a lie we all know too well, so maybe our childlike hearts need to hear this one more time.

It was never about your “good enough”. From the beginning of time God’s plan has been to dwell will us, and that has nothing to do with our “good enough” and everything to do with His goodness. He is the good one.

Five loaves and two fish were not good enough. They just weren’t. I’m not knocking the kid in John 6, but if he was hoping to impress the crowd with his offering, he failed. Epically. Feed over 5,000 people with a little bread and seafood? Mathematically speaking, his gift was not good enough.

But his gift in the hands of God? That was good enough. In fact, it was more than good enough. It was too-good, unbelievable, grace-upon-grace good.

Jesus condemned those who led little ones astray. He judged them and said emphatically that it would be better if a millstone was tied around their neck and they were thrown into the sea, than for them to lead a child astray. You know why? Not because children are our greatest resource. Not because the future of civilization rests on their shoulders. Those reasons are lame.

Because Jesus loves kids. He just does. And we are God’s kids.

Which means if you are hearing some ridiculous lie that because your offering is not “good enough” by earthly standards that God does not regard it as precious, you need to shut that down. Shut. it. down. now.

Jesus loves you so much. You are His friend. On purpose. He did that on purpose and He knows your junk better than you do. Who else has that message? I’ll tell you who- no one. There is no one but our God who loves sinners and makes them more than enough through His everlasting, inexhaustible grace and mercy and love.

Also, Friends, He straight up likes us. We use “love” so much that what gets lost in the translation is that He likes us too. Oh my goodness, God likes us and wants to dwell with us.

We should smile about that. Like kids, you know? Try it. Breathe in, breathe out. Smile.

Love, prayers, and hugs are being sent your way today. Love you all.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sally Martin says:

    What a wonderful lesson to remember! Thank you Lauren! Also, best use of “mathematically” in a blog post!


    1. Haha! I knew you’d like that. I try to appeal to all my readers 😉


  2. nl2000 says:

    I love it. Every bit of it. Thanks again, my friend!


  3. Karen Krusen says:

    We all need to be reminded of that daily. Thank you Lauren.


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