I Heart this Media

Here are some gems I have come across. Check back here because I will be updating this page regularly. And if you have any recommendations for me, please tell me! I love trying new things!

Books for Grown-ups:

Unoffendable– by Brant Hansen. Brant writes in a very unassuming way. Like you are just hanging out with him and he’s all, “You might to punch me in the face for saying this, but have you ever considered…” The book is radical in the lifestyle it presents- a life of daily choosing not to be offended- because it is so Biblical. If God gave His Son to forgive me of my sin, who am I to withhold forgiveness from someone else? He also has written a book called, Blessed are the Misfits. I own that one but haven’t read it. My husband liked it, though.

Cold Case Christianity– by J. Warner Wallace. I heard from J. Warner Wallace on the Eric Metaxas Show (see Podcasts below) and I knew this guy was the real deal. From the perspective of a real-life cold case detective, Wallace systematically walks through the claims of the gospels like evidence in a case and presents a case for the reliability of the gospel accounts of Jesus.

Books/Writers For Writers:

  • The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin
  • Running Down a Dream by Tim Grahl
  • The Art of Work by Jeff Goins


The Brant and Sherri Oddcast– Ok, this guy Brant Hansen is in multiple sections of my media loves because He wrote Unoffendable (I haven’t read his second book yet, but I am tempted to just put it on this page anyway) AND he and his producer Sherri have a sweet podcast. I listen to this when I need a spiritual pick-me-up. It is weird and hilarious with nuggets of deep truths buried in there. At the risk of sounding pathetic- these people are the best friends I’ve never met.

The Eric Metaxas Show– It’s called “The Show About Everything” because… it is basically about everything. Eric talks politics, faith, music, movies, books, comedy, history, science, foreign affairs, etc. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he brings people into my life that I am glad to know through their books, movies, and other media. Also, he is a fantastic writer. Basically my husband knows that if he ever gets a gift of a book from me, it is probably one Eric wrote or recommended. And yes, I refer to him as Eric.

Unbelievable?– Ever wonder how believers and unbelievers could ever dialogue like civilized human beings over things that really matter? Justin Brierley is just the Brit to show you how it is done. He speaks and moderates conversations between people of opposing viewpoints and does it in a way that is just fascinating. This is pretty meat and potatoes stuff though- be prepared for a lengthy and heady conversation.

Kid Stuff:

Hank the Cowdog by John Erickson- From the perspective of “the head of ranch security,” Hank the Cowdog gets into some ridiculous situations. There are literally dozens of these books, and if you can score them on audiobook, all the better. Erickson narrates them and you will crack up.

Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family- So my 11 year old was like, “Uh, what is this?” It’s called radio theater, dear. Now shush and listen. The kids are totally hooked on these radio shows with good messages and Bible verses. And it’s great to hear these messages getting to my kids from people other than mom and dad.

Good (Really Good) Authors (in no particular order):

  • Jack Gantos
  • C. S. Lewis
  • Gordon Kormann
  • Louis Sachar
  • Jennifer Holm
  • Stuart Gibbs
  • Kate DiCamillo
  • Gary D. Schmidt
  • Sheila Turnage
  • Mac Barnett
  • Avi
  • Lauren Wolk
  • Adam Gidwitz


Matchless Beauty– a resource for all moms and their daughters. My friend from college Leah owns the site and has crazy skills in designing apparel and other things that encourage us women and young ladies in our walk with Christ. She also shares insightful and encouraging blog posts. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check it out!

Jaime Brinkmann- I have another friend from college (I know- two whole friends!) who has a talent for words and encouragement. If you are looking for some joy in the midst of all the chaos, she will absolutely delight you!

For Writers/Artists:

  • goinswriter.com
  • thewritelife.com
  • booklaunch.com

Karen Hurd- Is something ailing ya? I cannot recommend my nutritionist highly enough. She doesn’t work magic, but she works science like a pro. Give her a call.